Jack White – Lazaretto, New Single Review


Don't blink...don't even blink

Don’t blink…don’t even blink

Jack White. A man who can do no wrong? Certainly, he would appear in both appearance and musical direction to be the Dorian Gray of his time, seemingly ageless, timeless, and unable, in the eyes of the musical community, to do any wrong of any kind.

White continues this streak of brilliance with the new single “Lazaretto.” Although the title, both for this single and his upcoming album, sounds like a cheap brand of cigarettes, the track is anything but sleazy. Actually it is quite sleazy, but that’s part of the charm. The parping bass opening the song demands to have hips swung to [like battleships even, if you’re a Dead Weather fan], and Jack’s typically cutting voice spits an almost rapped verse, sneering “they put me down in the Lazaretto” as if he’s spitting on the idea of God he references throughout the song. You have to bob your head to this; it’s a song that has funk in its DNA, a song that will tap into your veins and spit blood.

Although hardly a new direction for White, the song is a classic example of not fixing what ain’t broke, whilst introducing one of the catchiest grooves White has produced since Seven Nation Army. Fighting stuff.

See what all the fuss is about: 


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