Happyness – New Single Review

Great Minds Think Alike, All Brains Taste The Same

Happyness, having dropped their debut EP earlier this year, have followed up the critically acclaimed 4 track effort with a quirky 1minute 56second song entitled…well you can see for yourself. The song doesn’t muck about, diving straight into the band’s typical laid back style. As always, Happyness make me wish I was lying flat on my back in a field with a load of mates, an acoustic guitar, plenty of sun and a hell of a lot of booze. It’s a good feeling, and they encapsulate these simple pleasures in life with falsetto “oohs,” playful lyrics  [“I like you but I wouldn’t eat you”] and a synth sneaking in during the second half of the song that’s so hilariously attention seeking you can’t help but crack a sly grin. Whilst we’ve seen in tracks such as “Lascascadas” that Happyness can channel a mellow groove, “Great Minds” is a joyous fuzzy indie rock track, full of warm memorable moments that make you feel like you’re having a conversation with an old friend. Top notch. 4/5

Oh, one more thing, they’re doing an album too…

Happyness @ Facebook
Happyness @ SoundCl


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