Julian Casablancas + The Voidz


Step into the voidz

With little word from The Strokes since they dropped Comedown Machine last year, it came as a pleasant surprise to both me and the rest of the music world when a short video published via Casablancas’ Facebook page revealed that a new solo album under the tagline “Julian Casablancas and The Voidz” would be hitting our faces soon enough.

Check out the album trailer: here

Considering how scatterbrained Comedown Machine felt at times, it’s interesting that excerpts from the new album trailer appear to be much more guitar based, and dare I say -whispers- early strokes-esque? Not only is Julian back to singing in his oh-so charismatic baritone, snarling through distorted vocals amidst a thudding backbeat, but he seems to be enjoying performing again. Snatched footage of he and his new backing band The Voidz playing a couple of secret shows reveals many a cheeky smile from the New York rocker. It’s heart warming.

I for one am thoroughly excited by this album trailer, but what do you think?


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